who we are

Constellation is a global community. We accept everyone in the Techstars community regardless of location, belief, or background. Whether you are a web3 guru or new to crypto, we have a seat at the table for you.
def Constellation():
       print ("Grouping of stars that forms a large picture, aiding the navigation of others.")


Anyone who has gone through the Techstars program as a founder, any country, any year.

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Those that have given their time & experience to Techstars company founders to help them succeed.

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Everyone working at Techstars that helps further build & nurture the startup ecosystem.

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Those who joined & helped out through a Techstars cohort. You are family too.

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Are you a current or former Techstars alumni, staff, or mentor? If yes, come join our growing community.


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apply for funding

The Constellation Fund is founded by the Techstars community to invest and support the next generation of web3 founders.

We invest in seed rounds for the crypto companies of tomorrow.

Partnership opportunities

The Constellation Fund is funded by members & strategic groups who support the DAO's purpose. These partners invest & support the future of our community.